Happy Customers

We love celebrating our customers, women who embody Winki & all that we stand for so well. Introducing you to a few gems who love the ocean, the salt & sun, our earth, community and Winki Suits of course.

Over to the ladays...


Ella Connaghan @ellaconnaghan "Winki's are truly the BEST. Since getting into surfing & being bigger busted, I've found them so supportive and fun to wear. I'm a FF & find it difficult to find swimmers that fit me so I'm a delighted Winki fan."

Emily Scroope @emscroope "I do model for Winki but in all honesty, having these suits that are made ethically and are supportive have made adventuring so much more fun. I love free-diving, surfing, spearing and lying in the sun and I can happily say Winki Suits meet the needs of all these activities."