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As lovers of the sea and lovers of people, we dreamed up and created a brand that stands for just that.

Our Team

Winki was started by Becky and Kara Bothma in 2019. Our team and business has gone through many changes since then but our values remain the same. Winki is a celebration of authentic women who support just and ethical practices in the surfing industry. After years of countless wedgies, nip slips and rusted clips, we present to you, Winki Suits.   

Our Suits

We've drawn our inspiration from vintage styles and have created timeless silhouettes paired with eclectic 70's themed prints to create functional and playful sea and swimwear.

After a good old fashion rummage through Grandma's closet and a quick trip in our time machine, we've reinvented some iconic vintage prints. 

Our suits are made using a buttery 1mm neoprene fabric (except for Stevie). We've sourced the highest quality fabric, meaning our suits can be worn in the salt, the sea and the sun without loss of colour or stretching!

Our Makers

The old saying, "demand quality, not just in the products you buy, but in the life of the person who made it", has always stuck with us.

All of our suits are ethically made here in Sydney, Australia by a local, family-owned business. All of our accessories and apparel are produced by the women at The Blessed Project in the Philippines.

The Blessed Project was created to rehabilitate young women who have been rescued from human trafficking. When a young woman is rescued from human trafficking, the road to recovery is a long and challenging one. Most suffer from emotional scaring and brokenness from unimaginable abuse. The Blessed Project aims to support these women by providing housing, love, emotional support, community, education, skill building and a second chance at life.  

One aspect of their rehabilitation is learning the skill of sewing. Trainees will learn this trade as a form of therapy, an opportunity to learn a practical skill and provide the ability to earn income for themselves. Some trainees move on themselves to take up sewing professionally, whilst others pursue and study their other passions.

Our apparel and accessories are carefully handmade in the Blessed Project sewing workshop under the guidance and supervision of an experienced and lovely head sewer Kuya Edil. By purchasing our products you are providing employment and opportunity for these women, as well as helping Honor 1000 set more women free from human trafficking. We love working with HONOR and the women from the Blessed Project and are so inspired by their strength, courage, and integrity. Donate directly to the Blessed Project HERE.

how we support the Blessed Project

Meet Your Maker

The stories of our incredible partners in the Philippines deserve to be heard. We thought we'd give our Winki community the chance to connect with their maker on the other side of the world and open up the opportunity for sponsorship if you so feel inclined.

Read her story

Ethically Made

All of our suits are ethically made in Sydney, Australia by a local business.

We continue to support The Blessed Project in the Philippines financially and they continue to ethically make 100% of our accessories and apparel.

Locally Run

We're a local Australian business and have been since the beginning. This means we work with local suppliers and businesses to ethically produce our suits right here in Australia.


We use recyclable materials where we can, such as Repreve®, a recycled polyester and recycled lining.

We don't use any plastic in the production of our suits & we use 100% compostable bags for our postage.

for women who love the sea.

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