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Winki Fights for the Bight

Last Saturday, Winki Suits joined the national crusade to fight for Australia's Bight. The Manly community was one of many across the nation to unite, rally and paddle out against oil-drilling off Australia's coast. To be honest, we were largely ignorant about the Fight for the Bight until a few months ago, so for those of you who aren't sure what all the fuss is about, here is a little background... The Great Australian Bight is a large spread of ocean (or open bay) that sits off the southern coastline of mainland Australia. It is one of the most pristine ocean environments left on the earth, home to varying species of whales, fish, birds, marine mammals and plant life. The Bight also sustains...

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Hello, this is us!

Kip is the creative and Becky is the business mind. We both love the ocean, people and vintage apparel! The idea for Winki Suits came to us one day on the ferry home from work. We were dreaming about how amazing it would be to design a line of suits that didn’t only look beautiful, but were comfortable and functional to wear. 

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