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Winki x Madi Farrelly Tee

We've wanted to create tee's for a really long time but we found it tricky sourcing the right quality fabric, designing the right fit and making a decision on which prints to use! Our tee's have had a long journey, here it is in a bit more depth. The fabric was sent to the Philippines, where the women worked really hard on sewing the tee-shirts one by one...

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Winki x Kane Sweatshirt (The Journey)

These sweatshirts have been a long time coming (thanks COVID...) and have been through many loving hands along the way. Here is a little bit of their journey... We started by collaborating with locally renowned artist for the illustration, Kane Lehanneur. Our pattern-maker in Manly, Mon, then spent a long time perfecting the fit and style of our sweatshirt and many samples were made. Our beautiful team of ladies from The Blessed Sewing Project in the Philippines then created the sweatshirts and sent them back to us here in Australia.

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Madi Rose x Winki Suits

We've been wanting to collaborate with local artists for the creation of our suits since we first started our business in 2019 and we've finally done it. This print was inspired by native Australian flowers and is printed onto recycled nylon. It comes in the women's Bonnie set and is about to drop for our new Kiddie Winki range in the kids Lola.

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Winki Turns Two!

It's official, Winki Suits is two-years old! Can you believe it? Time really does fly when you're having fun and yes, we're still considered a small scale business by most people but we've grown a heck of a lot in the last two years; business-wise and personally (just ask our husbands).

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Made With Love in the Philippines

It's been a while since we've been able to confidently and loudly proclaim that our suits have been made by women in the Philippines. But at the moment, we're proud to say a handful of our suits on our site have been made with love and dedication by our team in the Philippines...

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