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Hello, this is us!

We both love dancing on waves, creating, dreaming and cruising up and down the east coast of Australia in our vans with our husbands (who are brothers). 

The idea for Winki Suits came to us one day on the ferry home from work. We were dreaming about how amazing it would be to design a line of suits that didn’t only look beautiful, but were comfortable and functional to wear. We have enjoyed the whole process of birthing this brand and have been involved in every part from start to finish. From designing retro inspired prints & learning how to use illustrator, to sourcing the highest quality fabric and flying to the Philippines to meet our lovely manufacturers - it's all happened in the last 18 months and we couldn't be more excited for every part to come together!

We've probably learnt most lessons the hard way when it comes to starting a surf suits business, but boy have we enjoyed the ride. As we have developed as a brand and designed (and redesigned) our suits, we have tested each sample along the way to make sure we really did create a comfortable, functional and beautiful product. 

Starting a business isn't easy but seeing women wear our suits in the ocean is so surreal! And knowing that the production and purchasing of them is helping to make a difference to women in the Philippines - well, that's even better.

We're a small business and we don't mass produce. We appreciate our small quantities- for our makers and our planet! We've really only just started our journey and hope to improve Winki as we grow, to make it more sustainable and to always listen to feedback from the women around us.

So, after much love, perseverance (tears) and joy we present to you our baby, Winki Suits.

Come, stay a while. We're not going anywhere just yet.

Becky + Kip x 


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Lauren Jacobs

love the heart behind this business

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