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Kippy Skateboards x Winki Suits Collab

We've teamed up with Kippy Skateboards for the launch of their new timber skate-boards, inspired by our iconic Fleur print. To celebrate Kippy's limited edition board range in collaboration with us here at Winki, we've decided to run a competition titled, 'Name a More Iconic Duo'...

To enter, you need to tie up your hair and get your creative knickers on to capture what you believe to be an iconic duo. The winner will receive a Kippy Skateboard in Fleur (pictured below) as well as a Winki Suit of their choice. For more details on how to enter, head to our Instagram here.

For a while now, Kippy Skateboards has been a brand we admire largely for her core values, quality products and aesthetic - to say she captures Gold Coast surf and skate culture very well would be an understatement! We chatted to Kippy about her lifestyle and the future of her business. Enjoy! 

 How did the collaboration between Winki x Kippy Skateboards happen?

We've been messaging the girls at Winki for a while now over DMs and both love what each other's brand stands for. After a bit of chatting, we decided we should collaborate on something fun and quirky together and that's how our new boards were birthed using the Fleur print as our design.

Tell us the story of how Kippy Skateboards came to be?

Kippy sort of came to be a little after my brother and I had our skateboards stolen, I didn't want to just purchase another board and was very into woodworking & design coming out of school so basically just started shaping some decks and had a friends grandfather teach me some woodworking, and then slowly just started making and then selling to friends and friends of friends.

What are some of your key values that underpin Kippy Skateboards?

Faith, that it is actually not about skateboards or design or brands after-all.. faith in God, that He would be glorified through whatever I am doing. Whether it is having a skateboard brand, or now being a mum,  I have wanted to keep this as the foundation of what I do with my days (and it is challenging but the best)

What does an ideal day in your life look like at the moment?

At the moment, enjoying the beautiful weather on the gold coast, just love the days we (my husband and 10 month old son) make some tea or coffee and head to the beach early, eat sandy fruit apparently, swim, and then just hang at home, play, good food, some reading, some painting, some afternoon drinks or a fire... pretty simple and ideal really!

Where do you see Kippy Skateboards headed in the coming years?

After having the past year or so off working on Kippy, I am very happy to now be partnering with a long time friend of Kippy and really keen for the coming days.. looking at a fresh direction & product offering, and also this year we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Kippy which is a special time.. so please keep an eye out for some special pieces :)

Your favourite thing about Australian surf and skate culture?

This doesn't really answer the question because I am finding it a hard one to answer succinctly haha, but I love to think of the grassroots of the surf and skate culture here and enjoy it hopefully in the same way as 40 or so years ago, it seemed to revolve around days in the sun, fun waves, fun attitudes, tiny skateboards and a genuine gratefulness for the landscapes and freedom here... (I do need to remind myself however there is no "golden age" as much as I think the 60's and 70's may have been it)

Shop Kippy's boards here and enter our joint competition here and here.

Images by Lola & Jake

Becky and Kip x


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