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Made With Love in the Philippines

It's been a while since we've been able to confidently and loudly proclaim that our suits have been made by women in the Philippines. But at the moment, we're proud to say a handful of our suits on our site have been made with love and dedication by our team in the Philippines - what a joy! A side note; most of the Penny's that were produced overseas, have since sold out, we were so overwhelmed by your support, which in turn really supports the women who made them! 

If you're not familiar with who we're talking about, let me explain. We've partnered with a team in the Philippines, called The Blessed House since we first started Winki Suits. They are a project and team whose aim is to rehabilitate, love, care and empower the women and children who come out of human-trafficking. Not only do they aim to put the children through school, love them and feed them but they also encourage the elder women (elder being 18+) to go to university or school. Part of this rehabilitation process includes teaching the women to sew, as it provides them with an income and helps fund The Blessed House. Some of these women sew our suits, totes and accessories (we're working on a few exciting things that they'll be able to sew in a few months too). 

There are currently 21 women and children who have been rescued from human trafficking, living in the Blessed House (as of March 2021). We feel so blessed to be able to partner with them and are always encouraged by how much our community of Winki customers around the globe want to support our mission! 

Due to COVID and having old machinery, The Blessed House had been out of action for a while - it's been a long journey but they're finally back up to speed and we've been able to assist them in getting back on their feet. We're only able to do small quantities with them at the moment, for reasons on our end and theirs.

When we're not manufacturing with the team in the Philippines, we partner with a beautiful manufacturer here in Sydney. They're a family business and again, all suits are ethically made with love and care. We're so happy to say that all our suits are ethically made in Australia and the Philippines.

Stay tuned for another update on our partnership with The Blessed House in the Philippines and if you'd like to donate to them, please click here.

Below is an image of some of the women learning to sew at the Blessed House in the Philippines & an image of one of their suits being worn by lovely Mackenzie.

Love Becky & KIp x

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