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Winki x Madi Farrelly Tee

We've wanted to create tee's for a really long time but we've found it tricky to source the right quality fabric, to design the right fit and have found it difficult to make a decision on which prints to use! Our tee's have had a long journey, so here is how these beauties have come about. The fabric was sent to the Philippines, where the women worked really hard on sewing the tee-shirts one by one (many of these women are trainee's, so this is a great product to learn on). While this was taking place, we worked with local designer Madi Farrelly to create an iconic Winki design (which we love!). Madi designed this illustration by hand numerous times to get it perfect! Fast forward to now and the tee's have been shipped to Australia where they've now been heat-printed by a local business in Brookvale, Sydney...and voila, our tee's are ready to be pre-ordered. Shop them here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I’m Madi Farrelly, a textile and graphic designer living on the Northern Beaches of NSW. I’m a passionate surfer and creative. I work with illustration and print design for textiles.

How did the collaboration between Winki x Madi Farrelly happen?

I meet Kip and Becky at their pop up shop in Brookvale, Sydney. We started chatting and I mentioned the idea of working with them as a dream of mine. A few weeks later I received a lovely message from the girls and things kicked off from there!

Tell us the story of how you've become an artist...

I’m studying graphic and textile design and have always been a very creative and visual person. I love working with colour, texture, and layering. I’m a designer of many things, primarily print design but work across illustration and other graphic design areas.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your designs?

My biggest inspiration is the ocean and surfing, and the people you meet, connections you make, places you visit… I’m really drawn to unusual colours and patterns, and seek inspiration from my environment.

What does an ideal day in your life look like at the moment?

My daily routine has changed with lockdown dramatically! Starting the day with a surf is most ideal, probably an early surf so I can fit in uni or work after that. I try to dedicate a moment of the day to gather a collection of inspiration through fabrics, postcards, magazines and more to stay creative even through the hard times. I love drawing too, or mood-boarding. With summer approaching, I can’t wait for those warm afternoons at the beach hanging out and surfing into the evening. 

What is your favourite thing about surfing and your favourite Winki suit to wear?

One of my favourite things about surfing (and if you know me, then you know what I’m talking about) is colour coordinating my swimsuit with my surfboard! Sounds funny, but it really inspires me and makes me feel good! My favourite Winki suit to wear is the Lola, as I love a swimsuit that doesn’t move around when surfing! It’s a no fuss, timeless suit, throw it on and you look amazing. 


These beautiful women are survivors of human trafficking. Through The Blessed Project, they learn to sew. Sewing under the supervision of team leader, Edil, provides them with an income, a new skill and it is also used as a form of therapy while the women decide what they want to do in life.
Many of the women decide to go to university and school, while some continue to sew as their main source of income! You can read more and donate directly to the project, HERE.
Love Becky & Kip x

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